voices demand change
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Dream Baby Dream

Baby Dream

We dream of a voice for our First Nations People.
Add your voice to ours in this ever-growing musical collaboration
and let the voice of Australia be heard.

Right Now,
There Is No First Nations
Voice In The Australian

We Dream Of An Australia
Where a National Voice for
Indigenous People Is
Constitutionally Recognised To
Help Heal Divisions Of The Past
And Move Forward As a Country.

Add Your Voice To Ours
And Let The Voice Of
Australia Be Heard.

We call on the members of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia
to take up the Uluru Statement from the Heart, listen to the voices
of all Australians, and work together for a fair referendum to establish
a First Nations voice in the Constitution. Join us, and the thousands of
Australians calling for change as we deliver the voice of
Australia to Canberra.

Add your voice to ours

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